Alek Teeradetch Says He Thinks About His Future With Toey Jarinporn

On 13 February 2019, Alek Teeradetch attends the event ‘Vic Big 3’ and had an interview with reporters about his love and girlfriend Toey Jarinporn. SEE ALSO: Alek Teeradetch Talks About A New Drama ‘Song Sanaeha’ “Now we do not often meet because my new drama nearly finishes its filming, that’s why the production has to […]

Toey Pongsakorn And Toey Jarinporn Play A Couple In A New Drama

According to the source, a handsome actor Toey Pongsakorn and a beautiful actress Toey Jarinporn to play a couple in a new TV drama ‘Kwam Song Jum See Jang’. SEE ALSO: Toey Pongsakorn To Reunite With His Koo-Jin Cheer Tikhamporn In A New TV Drama The drama to produce by Wave Media, which is Tu […]

Alek Teeradetch Has A Special Gift For Toey Jarinporn On Her Birthday

On 29 January 2019, it’s the 29th birthday of a beautiful actress Toey Jarinporn. Her boyfriend Alek Teeradetch makes a special cake by himself and give it to her. SEE ALSO: Toey Jarinporn Talks About Sharing More Photos With Alek Teeradetch On Instagram On the official Instagram of the actor, he shares the photos of […]

Toey Jarinporn Opens Up About How She Becomes A Celebrity

About 10 years ago, Toey Jarinporn played a social media Hi-5 and many people have shared her photos on a popular Thai site Dek-D and she was well-known as a net idol after that. SEE ALSO: Foam, James Jirayu’s Girlfriend, Appears In A Clip Video Posted By Taew Natapohn “It was a part of my teenage […]

Toey Jarinporn Talks About Her Relationship With Alek Teeradetch

Toey Jarinporn talks about her relationship with Alek Teeradetch in a new interview. SEE ALSO: 3 New Thai Dramas To Watch Next Year “For this new year, it’s not like other years because I normally don’t accept the work but this year I’ll work on the countdown days. I won’t have a moment with him on that day,” Toey […]

Toey Jarinporn Talks About Her Group’s Friendship

Toey Jarinporn talks about her group’s friendship in a new interview with reporters. SEE ALSO: Alek Teeradetch Answers The Question When He Starts The Relationship With Toey Jarinporn On ‘3 Zapp’ Many people kept an eye on Thai actresses Toey Jarinporn, Mint Chalida, Mew Nittha, and Matt Peranee at the fansign event held on 18 November 2018. Most recent, Toey Jarinporn who is […]

Alek Teeradetch Answers The Question When He Starts The Relationship With Toey Jarinporn On ‘3 Zapp’

Alek Teeradetch answers the question when he starts a sweet relationship with his girlfriend Toey Jarinporn on a TV show ‘3 Zapp’ which Chompoo Araya, Kalamere, and Ma Ornapa are hosts. SEE ALSO: Alek Teeradetch Talks About Toey Jarinporn and Matt Peranee The host Chompoo Araya asks, “When you start having a close relationship with Toey Jarinporn? During the filming of a […]