Alek Teeradetch Opens Up About Getting A Surprise Birthday From Toey Jarinporn

On 15 September 2018, it was a handsome actor Alek Teeradetch’s birthday. His girlfriend Toey Jarinporn made a surprise birthday for him at his house.

The actor gives an interview with the reporters that, “On my birthday, Toey is waiting for me at home. She plays with the dog and talks to my brother and sister while waiting for me.”

“When I go into the room, I see her lighting the candles and wearing the white shirt. I’m so surprised because of just watching the horror movie, The Nun.”

“I don’t know she will come to my home. She asked me whether it was just the acting but I told her that I was really surprised.”

“After getting surprised, I’m really happy for this birthday.”

“The meaning of hippo cake comes from what she calls me. I got the shoes as a birthday gift because she knows I want it.”

“Now I’m 29 years old. Birthday is just a normal day for me. I feel that I should give a present to my mother on the birthday. It’s not important for me but I’m happy when she makes it become a special day.”

“This year, there is no a gift for me and my mother. Last year, I bought a house for my own and family.”

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