Boy Pakorn Is Asked About Girl P. Praihirun

On 13 March 2019, Boy Pakorn posted his photo with a pig doll and tagged a Girl P. Praihirun, a daughter of a TV drama producer, in his post.

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On 14 March 2019, he attended the event and had an interview about this.

Reporter: You tagged Nong Girl in a post.

Boy: No, I don’t flirt her. I tagged her because that caption is hers.

Reporter: It looks like you’re flirting her.

Boy: If I flirt her, I won’t do it on social media. I’ll do it in private. She is my sister.

Reporter: P’ Duen also commented on the photo asking about it.

Boy: P’ Duen likes joking with me. She also knows Nong Girl and her mother.

Reporter: Many people comment jokingly about this.

Boy: Actually, all of them know Paa Koy (Nong Girl’s mother).

Reporter: Because you don’t have a special one, that’s why people think about it.

Boy: Yes, it’s probably like this.

Reporter: Is it possible if you’re flirting her?

Boy: No!

Reporter: After the news comes out, have you talked to her?

Boy: I talk to her normally. When Paa Koy sees the news, she sends the message to me. She tells me that I call her daughter’s name incorrectly. Firstly, I call her Kaew. She jokingly says that I’m flirting her daughter but call her name wrong.

Photo: boy_pakorn | girlgxox


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