Matt Peranee Has A Sweet Moment With Songkarn Taechanarong Once Again

Matt Peranee has a sweet moment with Songkarn Taechanarong once again at Khao Yai province. SEE ALSO: 10 Thai Actors And Actresses Who Are The Positive Role Models In The Industry The last moment, Matt Paranee shared short clips on her Instagram Stories while she was with her boyfriend Songkarn Taechanarong at the party held at […]

Ter Chantavit Writes A Very Sweet Caption For Mai Davika

Ter Chantavit writes a very sweet caption for Mai Davika in a new post on his official Instagram. SEE ALSO: Fans Support Ter Chantavit To Tie A Knot With Mai Davika Ter Chantavit and Mai Davika is another sweet couple in the industry and they’re so lovely. The most recent, the actor shares his photo holding […]

Toyy Pathompong And Mook Worranit Are A New Couple?

Mook Worranit attended the graduation ceremony of Toyy Pathompong in December 2018 and she gave him a flower. SEE ALSO: Ken Phupoom Says He Still Has A Contract With Thai TV3 The most recent, the actor shares several photos on his official Instagram with a hashtag Mook Wor Snap while the actress posts the photos with the hashtag Muwaan […]

Nadech Kugimiya Wears The Shoes That Yaya Urassaya Gives Him

A hot actress Yaya Urassaya traveled to Norway to visit her relatives and celebrated the Christmas party with her family there. SEE ALSO: Nadech Kugimiya Talks About A Wedding Planning Now she is back to Thailand and the source says that she has a special gift for her superman Nadech Kugimiya and it revealed to be […]

Tono Pakin Is Asked About His Relationship With Nychaa Nuttanicha

Tono Pakin is asked about his relationship with Nychaa Nuttanicha in a new interview. SEE ALSO: Tono Pakin Talk About His Co-Star Nychaa Nuttanicha Reporters: if your relationship with her changes from co-stars to a real couple, you will open it to the public? Tono: Yes, I will. If I love or if I flirt her […]

Ken Phupoom Says He Still Has A Contract With Thai TV3

Ken Phupoom says he still has a contract with Thai TV3 after the news reports that he turns to be a freelancer. SEE ALSO: James Jirayu To Reunite With Taew Natapohn In A New TV Drama ‘Leh Bupakarn’ Interviewing with Nine Entertain, the actor reveals that he still has a contract with the channel and he […]

Nadech Kugimiya Talks About A Wedding Planning

Nadech Kugimiya talks about a wedding planning for his future. SEE ALSO: Top 5 Rising Actors Who Catch Viewer’s Hearts Because of Their Talent and Good Looking “I’m not afraid of getting married and having a baby. My work will be less or something. I think we shouldn’t regret anything that isn’t really worth our […]

Boy Pakorn Tells The Reason Why He Doesn’t Have Someone Special Yet

Boy Pakorn tells the reason why he doesn’t have a special person while his friends in a group ‘Tuk Like’ are all not available now. SEE ALSO: Ken Phupoom’s Contract With Thai TV3 Reportedly Has Expired “The reason I don’t have a girlfriend because I don’t have free time for someone. I also like living […]

Taew Natapohn Is Asked About Her Wedding Plan

Taew Natapohn is asked about the wedding plan in a new interview after she has been in a relationship with her boyfriend Ton Arch for over 12 years. SEE ALSO: James Jirayu To Reunite With Taew Natapohn In A New TV Drama “For our future plan, we have discussed it more and more but it’s not […]