3 Thai Actors Reveal That They Admire These Actresses

Attending the events and TV shows, 3 Thai actors have revealed that they admire these actresses because of their beauty and talent. SEE ALSO: Mew Nittha Opens Up That The Production From Other Countries Have Contacted Her To Work With 1. James Ma The actor has an interview with reporters and says that he admires […]

Fans Wish To See These Thai Actresses At Cannes Film Festival Next Year

This year, there 6 Thai actresses attend 2019 Cannes Film Festival including Chompoo Araya, Rita Sririta, Min Pechaya, Poo Praya Lundberg, Yoghurt Nattasha, and Sara Legge. SEE ALSO: ‘Plerng Prang Tian’ Gets Very Great Feedback From The Audiences This big festival holds from May 14, 2019, to May 25, 2019, at Cannes, France, with the […]

Young Thai Stars Who Get Much Attention From The Audiences For Their New TV Dramas

Several Thai TV dramas are broadcasting on the television and some of them get much attention from the audiences with the performance of young Thai stars. SEE ALSO: 3 New TV Dramas Which The Female Lead Are Twins 1. Tor Thanapob Usually, Tor Thanapob plays a teen TV series including ‘Hormones The Series’, ‘O-Negative’, and […]

6 Thai Star Couples Who Are So Cute

In the Thai entertainment industry, many Thai star couples fall in love after working together in the dramas and other works. Below, you’ll see 6 lovely Thai star couples who are currently dating. SEE ALSO: Dj Push Puttichai Surprised His Wife Jooy Warrattaya After Getting Married For 6 Months 1. Nadech Kugimiya and Yaya Urassaya […]

Fans Wish To See These Top Actors And Actresses Playing A Couple In The Dramas

Even working in the Thai entertainment industry for a long time, but some of the top actors and actresses have never played a couple in the dramas together. SEE ALSO: Dj Push Make A Suprise For His Wife Jooy Warattaya After Getting Married For 6 Months 1. Nadech Kugimiya and Bella Ranee or Mint Chalida […]

5 Most Fashionable Thai Actresses In The Industry

Who is the fashion icon for you in the Thai entertainment industry? Below, you’ll see the list of top 5 most fashionable Thai actresses. SEE ALSO: 6 Thai Actresses Who Are Friends For Over 8 Years 1. Chompoo Araya She is well-known as a fashionista of the Thai entertainment industry. The actress always has a gorgeous […]

6 Thai Actresses Who Are Friends For Many Years

As normal people, Thai actresses have their best friends who are together for many years. Below, you’ll see 6 Thai actresses who have known each other for over 8 years. SEE ALSO: 6 Thai Actresses With Their Best Friends 1. Anne Thongprasom and Nat Myria Anne Thongprasom and Nat Myria become friends since they start […]

6 Beautiful Thai Celebrity Best Friends

In the Thai entertainment industry, you always see the lovely friendship between Thai celebrities. Below, let check out 6 beautiful Thai celebrity best friends who are always together. SEE ALSO: 3 Thai TV3 Dramas Are Coming Soon After Completing The Filming 1. Yaya Urassaya and Kimmy Kimberley Anne Voltemas Both actresses have known each other […]

Top 20 Thai Celebrities With The Most Followers On Instagram

Instagram is the most popular social media that Thai celebrities use it to interact with fans and show their daily activities. SEE ALSO: Chompoo Araya Joined 2019 Cannes Film Festival With The Beautiful Looks Below, you’ll see the top 20 Thai celebrities with the most followers on Instagram. 1. Blackpink’s Lisa: 19,502,808 Followers 2. Aum […]

Thai Star Couples Who Currently Are So Sweet

Even it’s not in February, but 3 Thai star couples are so sweet and always have memorable moments together. SEE ALSO: Nadech Kugimiya, Mai Davika, and Many Others in The List of The 100 Most Handsome Men and Beautiful Women of 2019 1. Korn Narongdej and Rita Sririta In recent days, Rita Sririta attends the […]