10 Thai Dramas Expectedly To Broadcast In Early 2019 on Thai TV3

10 Thai dramas expectedly to broadcast in early 2019 on Thai TV3 starring several popular actors and actresses including James Jirayu, Bella Ranee, Taew Natapohn, Kimmy Kimberley, Mario Maurer, and many others. Let check the list below. SEE ALSO: 3 New Thai Dramas To Start Filming Soon 1. Thong Aek Mor Yah Ta Chalong (Mario Maurer and Kimmy […]

Nine Naphat Plays A TV Drama With His Childhood Friend For The First Time

Nine Naphat plays a TV drama with his childhood friend for the first time in a TV drama ‘Tee Krai Tee Mun‘. SEE ALSO: Nadech Kugimiya, Yaya Urassaya, Nine Naphat, and Many Others Win Awards From Siamdara Star Awards 2018 Nine Naphat and Alex Rendell are friends since they were young and they will work together in […]

Nychaa Nuttanicha To Play Couples With Ice Panuwat In A New TV Drama

Nychaa Nuttanicha to play couples with a new actor Ice Panuwat in a new TV drama ‘Wasana Ruk’ which will be produced by Maker K Group.  SEE ALSO: Tono Pakin and Nicha Nattanicha Opened Up About Their Relationship The story of ‘Wasana Ruk’ continues from a TV drama ‘Toong Sanaeha’ which Tanin Manoonsil, Toey Jarinporn, Denkhun Ngamnet, and Top Jaron are the main characters. The drama […]

Margie Rasri Reveals Another Good News About Her Twin Babies

Margie Rasri reveals another good news about her twin babies on their show ‘Pok Gie On The Run’. SEE ALSO: Margie Rasri Reveals Another Good News In the video, it has revealed that their twin babies are a boy and girl. A baby girl is 7.42 centimetres and 118-grams weight. A baby boy is 8.28 centimetres and […]

Poo Praiya Lundberg Shows Her Apartment On A TV Show ‘Tee Tai Krua’

On 11 November 2018, Poo Praiya Lundberg shows her apartment for the first time on a TV show ‘Tee Tai Krua’. SEE ALSO: 3 Thai Actors To Get Married This November and December 2018 Her apartment is so beautiful with 2 floors. On the wall, Poo Praiya decorates it with posters of old movies because she likes it […]

Weir Sukollawat Reportedly To Reunite With Thisa Varitthisa In A New TV Drama

Weir Sukollawat reportedly to reunite with Thisa Varitthisa in a new TV drama which produced by Kantana, the same production to a TV drama ‘Sampathan Huajai’ aired this year. SEE ALSO: Weir Sukollawat Talks About A Watch He Buys For Bella Ranee A producer Tukta posted a photo of the actor and actress on her official Instagram with a caption “Whisper! The Dream […]

Alek Teeradetch Answers The Question When He Starts The Relationship With Toey Jarinporn On ‘3 Zapp’

Alek Teeradetch answers the question when he starts a sweet relationship with his girlfriend Toey Jarinporn on a TV show ‘3 Zapp’ which Chompoo Araya, Kalamere, and Ma Ornapa are hosts. SEE ALSO: Alek Teeradetch Talks About Toey Jarinporn and Matt Peranee The host Chompoo Araya asks, “When you start having a close relationship with Toey Jarinporn? During the filming of a […]

Aom Phiyada Produces a TV drama For Thai TV3 The First Time

The actress Aom Phiyada produces a TV drama for Thai TV3 the first time after producing TV drama for ONE 31 channel for many years. Aom Phiyada debuted as a producer of Magic If Lakorn in 2015 with the first TV drama ‘Ngao Jai’ starring Toomtam Yuthana and Vill Wannarot. SEE ALSO: Ter Chantavit and Mai Davika Show Their Sweet Relationship At The Filming Place […]

‘Song Sanaeha’ To Start Filming Earlier Next Year

According to the source, ‘Song Sanaeha’ to start filming earlier next year and will be produced by Jett Natapong, a producer of Maker Group.  SEE ALSO: Pope Thanawat Opens Up About His New Drama With Bella Ranee The drama stars Bella Ranee and Ken Phupoom and that’s the second times for them to play couples in TV drama after working together in ‘Look Tard’ […]

‘My Love From Another Star’ Makes Broadcast Schedule Changes Due To The Filming Process

According to P’ Nong Arunosha, a producer of Broadcast Thai Television, ‘My Love From Another Star‘ makes broadcast schedule changes due to the filming process SEE ALSO: ‘My Love From Another Star’ To Finish Its Filming Very Soon ‘You Who Come From The Star’ remakes from K-drama which has an official Thai name ‘Likit Ruk Kham Duang Dao’ starring Nadech […]