Son Yuke And Esther Supreeleela Take Lead Roles In A New Drama

On 08 May 2019, Son Yuke and Esther Supreeleela attend the costume fitting of a new TV drama ‘Leh Game Ruk’ that will be aired on ONE 31 channel. SEE ALSO: Esther Supreeleela Talks About Her Upcoming Drama This is the first time for both actor and actress to play a couple in a TV […]

3 Thai Celebrities Appeared In The International Music Videos

All Thai celebrities dream to work with international artists in order to improve their skills. In the list below, you’ll see 3 Thai celebrities who appeared in international music videos. SEE ALSO: Mario Maurer Talks About His Girlfriend Junji Gai-A 1. Mai Davika The actress plays the music video for a popular Korean singer Ali […]

2 New Chinese TV Series Remade From Thai Drama and Movie

According to the source, 2 new Chinese TV Series remade from the famous Thai drama and movie. SEE ALSO: Margie Rasri Posts Her Family Photo When Her Twin Babies Are One Month Old 1. First Love In 2010, ‘First Love’ (A Little Thing Called Love) was a very popular romantic and comedy Thai movie and […]

10 Thai TV Dramas Remade From Korean Series

With the rising popularity of K-dramas around Asian, most of them are remade to new versions by Thai and other countries. Thai dramas remade from Korean Series in the list are ranked according to the year when it broadcasted on the television. SEE ALSO: The Greatest Thai Boys’ Love Series That Are Worth Watching  1. […]

4 Thai Dramas Produce Part 2 After The First One Gets Very Great Feedback

Many Thai dramas are famous but just some of them continue producing part 2 after the first one gets very great feedback. SEE ALSO: Yaya Urassaya Is Asked About The New Remade TV Drama ‘Poo Yai Lee Gub Nang Ma’ 1. Nakee 2  A TV drama ‘Nakee’ in 2016 and got very great feedback from […]

New Thai Drama Couples We’re Glad to See Them Starring Together

This year, Thai TV3 has paired several new Thai drama couples who have never played a couple together in TV dramas. Here are 4 new Thai drama couples we’re glad to see in the new dramas soon. SEE ALSO: 3 New Thai Dramas You Shouldn’t Miss This Year Starring by New Wongsakorn, and Many Others […]

3 New Thai Dramas Start Filming With The Interesting Cast

3 New Thai dramas just start filming with the appearance of the popular stars including New Wongsakorn, Ploy Chermarn, Toey Pongsakorn, Cheer Thikumporn, and many others. SEE ALSO:  Top 4 Thai Drama Couples From Boy Loves’ TV Series That Make You Fall in Love 1. Raeng Tian A new remade TV drama ‘Raeng Tian’, which […]

Alek Teeradetch to Play a Couple with Mint Chalida In a New Drama

According to Daradaily, Earn Nitipat, a producer of Master One, to produce a new drama ‘Duang Baep Nee Mai Mee Joo’. SEE ALSO: Mai Davika, Mint Chalida, Ter Chantavit, and Pupaa Taechanarong Travel To Ko Kut Island On Songkran Festival This is the first time for Alek Teeradetch and Mint Chalida to play a couple […]