Chompoo Araya Is Asked Whether She Will Work With ONE 31 Channel

On 11 February 2019, Chompoo Araya and her husband Nott Vitsarut attended the event of Dentiste and had the interview with the reporters.

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Reporter: The news says that you’ll work with ONE 31 for a new drama?

Chompoo: Actually, no one has contacted me because every day I stay at home. You can go to ask my manager whether it has something or not. She doesn’t tell me about it. For my age, I won’t sign a contract with other channels.

Reporter: Do you have a contract with Thai TV3?

Chompoo: I’m still working with the channel.

Reporter: Do you still have a contract with the channel?

Chompoo: I have a contract with the channel.

Reporter: How many years will it expire?

Chompoo: I’m not sure. Let me check it.

Reporter: You have any new dramas?

Chompoo: I’m not getting ready for it. I miss my job as an actress but I can’t go to work for 4 – 5 per week and go out since 5.30 AM or 6 AM and back at 10 PM.

Reporter: In the future, will you go to work with ONE channel?

Chompoo: It based on time, chance, and many other things.

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