James Ma and Kimmy Kimberley Attend The Costume Fitting of a New Remade TV drama ‘Song Sanaeha’

On 09 April 2019, James Ma and Kimmy Kimberley Anne Voltemas attend the costume fitting of a new remade TV drama ‘Song Sanaeha’ which will be produced by Jett Nattapong, a producer of Maker Group.

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On the official Instagram of Krob Krua Banterng Ch3, many photos from the fitting have been shared.

James Ma looks so handsome with this hairstyle while Kimmy Kimberley wears casual clothes which is the character of Pi (Older sister).

The original version aired on Thai Channel 7 in 2005 and made by Polyplus Entertainment starring by Vee Veeraparb and Aum Patchrapa.

Photo: krobkrua_banterng_ch3

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