Mario Maurer, Kimmy Kimberley, And Many Other Cast Of ‘Thong Aek Mor Yah Tah Chalong’ Attend A TV Show ‘3 Zaap’ As The Guests

On 03 March 2019, Mario Maurer, Kimmy Kimberley Anne Tiamsiri, Pat Napapa, In Sarin, Punjan Prama, Namwhan Pulita, and Nong Best Bessy, attend TV talk show ‘3 Zaap’ as the guests.

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The cast says that all of them get great feedback after the drama broadcast on the television.

Nong Best admits that Punjan Prama and Mario Maurer like playing with her at the filming place. A little girl adds that Kimmy Kimberley plays with her sometimes but Kimberley likes taking a selfie with Aun Sriphan, who played as Nong Best’s mother in the drama.

On the show, Punjan Prama is asked about Thisa Varitthisa. The actor says that he meets her for the first time at the phone shop and then he asks her to take a photo.

For Kimmy Kimberley, she admits that her love is good. Mark Prin likes the flowers she gives. She also makes a cookie for him, too.

Photo: kimmy_kimberley | mario_mm38

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