3 New Interesting Thai Dramas To Follow This Year

In March 2019, several new interesting Thai dramas start the costume fitting and filming starring by popular actors and actresses.

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1. Leh Bunphakarn

The drama starts filming recently starring Taew Natapohn and James Jirayu, Poh Nattawut and Supaporn Wongthuaythong (A female lead of a TV drama ‘Angkor’).

2. Leh Runjuan

Another period TV drama is coming on Thai Channel 8. On 14 March 2018, the channel reveals several photos from the costume fitting on the official Instagram.

This drama starring Tangmo Nida, Pang Ornjira, Benz Punyaporn, Nike Nitidon, Tle Tanapol, and many others.

3. Suparburoot Chao Din

Porshe Saran and Sammy Cowell reunite in a new remade TV drama ‘Suparburoot Chao Din’ after playing a couple for the first time in a TV drama ‘Pleng Ruk Pha Puen Taek’ in 2014.

The drama starts filming now by First Class Production of Thai channel 7.

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