Pon Nawasch And Bua Nalinthip Open Up About Working Together Once Again In A New TV Drama

In 2018, Pon Nawasch and Bua Nalinthip played a couple in a hit TV drama ‘Tra Barb See Chompoo’ and became a shipped couple (Koo-Jin).

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Reporter: You will be back working together in a new drama ‘Prao Mook’?

Pon: I’m happy because they give us an opportunity to play a couple once again. After the news reported about our new drama, many fans say that they’re waiting for it. Most fans want us to work together once again and they want to watch the drama as soon as possible.

Pon: The drama to start filming in mid-2019 and will be broadcast in 2020.

Bua: I’m happy because our fans don’t forget us. They don’t forget the drama ‘Tra Barb See Chompoo’. When we work together, we will hear the scream sound of our fans. They say that they follow us after watching the drama and they want us to play a couple once again.

Photo: pon_nawasch | buanalinthip

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