9 Things You Need To Know About Taew Natapohn

9 Things you need to know about Taew Natapohn, a hot actress of Thai TV3.

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1. The actress was born on 06 February 1989. She is a little daughter of Narong Temeeruk, Air Vice Marshal, and Nit Roungthong Temeeruk. She has an older sister named Nattawadee Temeeruk.

2. She completed the bachelor degree with honor (2nd place) of Architecture.

3. Taew Natapohn started working in the Thai entertainment industry by filming the advertisement and music video. At that time, she appeared on the television advertisement with Chinese stars Yi Jian and Liu Yi Fei.

4. After that, she became a TV program announcer for Thai Channel 7 before signing a contract with Thai TV3 as a new actress.

5. The audiences start knowing her after she played a TV drama ‘Dong Poo Dee’ with Smart Krissada in 2009.

6. Taew Natapohn becomes the top actress of the industry because of a big hit TV drama ‘Nakee’ with a character of Kum Kaew.

7. She is good at speaking E-San and Northern Thai language.

8. She won 17 Awards from different Awards Ceremony.

9. Taew Natapohn has been in a relationship with Ton Arch for 12 years and always has good news.

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