Thai Actors Who Were Dj and Vj Before Starting Their Acting Careers

Some actors and actresses start working in the Thai entertainment industry by playing movies and TV dramas but some of them start their careers as Dj at the radio station and Vj on the TV show.

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1. Dj Push Puttichai

Dj Push, Jooy Warattaya’s husband, started his career as Vj for a TV show ‘OIC’ on Thai Channel 5 and Dj at HOTWAVE 91.5 before moving to Chill 89.0.

2. Diew Suriyont

Diew Suriyont entered the industry by attending the model contest 93.5 RVS Top Model and became the Vj on the TV show ‘OIC’ as Dj Push. He started his acting career by playing the first TV drama ‘Nai Ruen Jai’ of Thai channel 7.

3. Kan Kantathavorn

Before becoming an actor, Kan Kantathavorn was a Dj at 94 EFM. He started his acting in 2008 with a TV drama ‘Dao Jarut Fah’ of Thai TV3.

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