6 Thai Star Best Friends Who Make A Show Together

In this digital era, all Thai stars want to have their own shows because they can show their activities in real life. Today, we will show you 6 Thai star best friends who make a show together on YouTube.

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1. Pooklook Fonthip and Min Pechaya

Both actresses are friends for a long time and they make a YouTube show named ‘Girlfriend: MinPook’ together. They always their activities in real life.

2. Golf Pichaya and Four Sakolrat

Their show on YouTube named ‘Golf Four Go Round’ and they always introduce fans the interesting places for traveling and eating. Golf and Four’s show is fun and worth watching.

3. Prang Kannarun and Namtarn Pichukkana

These two actresses work under Thai TV3 and broadcast Thai Television. They become best friends and do business together. Namtarn and Prang have a show on YouTube with the name ‘S360’.

Photo: p_namtarn | golfpichaya | minpechaya


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