Top 10 Most Favorite Thai Actors 2019

All Thai actors are handsome and talented in acting skill. They get much love from the audiences for their great performance and personality.

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Based on the voting from April to June 2019, there are 10 most favorite Thai actors including Perth Tanapon, Saint Suppapong, God Itthipat, Pope Thanawat, Nadech Kugimiya, James Jirayu, Tor Thanapob, Mark Prin, Mario Maurer, and Ice Paris.

Perth Tanapon and Saint Suppapong are currently popular in Thailand, Asian, and other countries in Europe.

Ice Paris’s popularity is growing after playing a TV series ‘In Family We Trust’ and ‘Great Men Academy’.

Tor Thanapob is popular when playing a TV Series ‘Hormones The Series’. He is now hot playing as ‘Tor’ in a remade TV drama ‘Huajai Sila’.

For Pope, Nadech, Mark, James Jirayu, Mario Maurer are all the top actors of Thai TV3. God Itthipat is also famous after playing a TV series ‘2 Moons’.

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    Nguyen hai thuong

    (June 13, 2019 - 4:42 pm)



    (June 13, 2019 - 6:38 pm)

    love perthsaint


    (June 14, 2019 - 11:51 am)

    saint is the best


    (June 16, 2019 - 12:16 pm)

    Love Perth

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