Vill Wannarot Talks About Jes Jespipat

The news says that Vill Wannarot is currently seeing a handsome actor Jes Jespipat special after playing a couple in a new remade TV drama ‘Talay Rissaya’.

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“It’s lovely and we get to know each other. He is a person who pays attention to his job. I feel that he is just this age but he works, studies, and responsible for his own life. We work on the same channel and meet each other for a long time. We meet sometimes at the event but we have never worked together,” Vill Wannarot says.

“I spend much time at the filming place, that’s why people can meet me only at this place. I meet love because of filming a TV drama? I think it’s not because I have met but it’s not the right time. Now I don’t have someone special, too,” she adds.

Photo: jesjpp | villwannarot


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