Weir Sukollawat Talks About His Picture Taken With Bella Ranee

On 14 March 2019, Weir Sukollawat attends the event and has an interview with reporters about his picture taken with Bella Ranee.

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In the photo sharing on his official Instagram, the actor writes the caption that “Congratulations for Bella Ranee. I shouldn’t keep my mustache. I look like an uncle. I take a photo with you, I look……”

“Now I’m working. When I finish my┬ájob, I won’t keep it because it looks a little bit old. When I don’t a mustache, I’ll look like an 18 years old boy,” Weir Sukollawat says.

“I’m just joking and it’s not that serious. I’m really young if I don’t have a mustache. Sometimes I feel like I’m too young (Laugh),” he adds.

Photo: weir19 | bellacampen


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