Yingying Sarucha Opens Up For The First Time On A TV Talk Show

On 12 March 2019, Yingying Sarucha attends a TV talk show ‘Kui Zaap Show’ and opened up about her feeling for the first time after taking apart from her boyfriend Toomtam Yuthana.

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TV show host: A day you get the message from him to now, how strong is your heart?

Yingying: I can’t tell how many percents. I need to make myself stronger because I’m not alone and I also have other people around me.

TV show host: You’re still waiting for him coming back to you?

Yingying: It depends on the future. Now I do everything to make myself strong.

TV show host: You still love him?

Yingying: It’s my deep feeling. We’re not dating for only two months. I still have a good feeling and purpose for him.

TV show host: You lost weight, how many kilograms?

Yingying: 6 kilograms

TV show host: He gives an interview about you on a TV show, have you watched it?

Yingying: I watched it. It’s a mixed feeling. I miss him but I don’t understand about it.

TV show host: You see his photo (with Louknam), are you shocked?

Yingying: I’m shocked but I’m lucky because I’m not alone at that time. I’m with Pooklook and P’ Es.

TV show host: Many people support you?

Yingying: Thanks to all people who support me.

Photo: yingying_yingying | y.n.p.k

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