5 Thai Actresses With Their Perfect Emotional Scenes

Watching Thai TV dramas, you’ll always see the emotional scenes with the performance of great actresses. In the list below, we will show you 5 Thai actresses with the perfect emotional scenes in the TV dramas.

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1. Bella Ranee

In a TV drama ‘Krong Karm’, Bella Ranee plays as ‘Reynu’ and has several emotional scenes. Her acting skill is great in this drama.

2. Nune Woranuch

As always, Nune Woranuch shows her great acting skill in a TV series ‘Club Friday The Series 11: Ruk Seum Sao’ with Cee Siwat.

3. Yaya Urassaya

The actress gets admired from the audience with her acting skill in a TV drama ‘Kluen Cheewit’, especially, her crying scenes.

4. Taew Natapohn

Taew Natapohn is always into her character when she plays a TV drama and does a great job.

5. Janie Thienphosuwan

In a TV drama ‘Plerng Boon’, Janie Thienphosuwan has very great acting and is into her character ‘Jai Rerng’.

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