3 Filming Locations To Visit For Thai Drama Fans

3 filming locations to visit for Thai drama fans.

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Mon Kiang-Dao

Mon Kiang-Dao resort is located in Nan province. That’s a beautiful and romantic place for a couple to visit for their honeymoon travels. It featured in the drama Game Sanaeha with the performance of James Jirayu and Taew Natapohn.

Doi Inthanon National Park

In the drama ‘My Ambulance: Ruk Chut Jai Nai Chuk Chern’, Chalarm (played by Sky Wongravee) traveled through the door to Doi Inthanon National Park located in Chiang Mai province after he heard Tan Tawan’s voice (played by Mai Davika).

Erawan Falls 

Located in the Tenasserim Hills in Kanchanaburi Province, Erawan Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfall in Thailand and you can see this amazing place from the drama Nakee starring Ken Phupoom and Taew Natapohn.


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