3 Freelance Actresses Who Are Popular Among TV Drama Producers

There are 3 Thai actresses who are so popular among TV drama producers after they turn to be freelancers.

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Nune Woranuch

Photo: [email protected]

On Monday and Tuesday, there are 3 new TV dramas of Nune Woranucha are airing on the television including Plerng Sanaeha (Ch7), Game Ruk Ao Keun (GMM 25), and Sri Ayodhaya (TRUE 4U).

She is also filming another new TV drama ‘Woon Ruk Nakkao’ with Andrew Gregson for PPTV.

Green Ausadaporn

Photo: [email protected]_ausadaporn

After turning to be a freelancer, she is so popular among TV drama producers. Green Ausadaporn is filming 2 new TV dramas ‘Phariya’ for PPTV and ‘Another Miss Oh’ for TRUE 4U.

According to the source, she cast in another new remade TV drama ‘Kaew Lerm Korn’ of ONE 31.

Mint Natawara

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Her contract with Thai TV3 expired and she turned to be a freelancer. Mint Natwara is filming 2 new TV dramas ‘Sanaeha Story’ and ‘Poot Rattikarn’ for Thai Channel 8.

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