3 New Interesting Thai TV Dramas By Thai TV3 and PPTV

This year, many new TV dramas are producing by different productions and channels. Here is the list of 3 new TV dramas by PPTV and Thai TV3.

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1. Mia Archeep

Mai Warit and Prang Kannarun take the leading roles in this new Thai TV3 drama. The source says that the drama starts filming now but it hasn’t revealed which production is producing it.

2. Phariya

The drama starred by Noom Sornram, Katreeya English, Green Ausadaporn, Art Phasut, Gina The Face, and many others. This drama will be produced by a senior actress Namfon Kullanut and broadcasted on PPTV.

3. Wo Ai Ni Tur Tee Ruk

Another interesting TV drama from PPTV this year is ‘Wo Ai Ni Tur Tee Ruk’ starring Sean Jindachot, Peak Pattarasaya, and Tor Saksit.

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