3 New Thai Dramas To Start Filming Soon

3 new Thai dramas to start filming soon after the costume fitting completed.

A new TV drama ‘Praeng Lub Lae’ starring Miss Universe 2016 Namtan Chalita and Miss Universe Thailand 2014 Fai Weluree held the costume fitting yesterday. The drama will be produced by KIATRAPEE Co., LTD which Ae Isarya is a producer. It will be broadcasted on Thai channel 8.

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4 days ago, GMM 25 also held the costume fitting for its new TV drama ‘Nang Marn’ starring Nike Nitidon, Jakjaan Akhamsiri, and Kratip Shawankorn.

Today, Good Feeling of Thai TV3 holds a costume fitting for its new TV drama ‘Toong Sanaeha’ starring Toey Jarinporn, Tanin Manoonsil, Denkhun Ngamnet, and Top Jaron. 

Photo: kiatrapee.official | kratip | jj_akhamsiri

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