11 Handsome Thai TV3 actors who are 30+ years old now

The following are 11 Handsome Thai TV3 actors who are 30+ years old now.

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Nadech Kugimiya

IG keaw_jung

The top actor Nadech Kugimiya just turned 30 years old on December 17.

Alex Rendell

IG alexrendell

A kind-hearted actor Alex Rendell is 31 years old this year.

Mark Prin

IG mark_prin

Also, Mark Prin is 31 years old this 2021.

Mac Pawish

IG mackypw

“Nang Fah Arsoon” star Mac Pawisch is 32 years old.

Phet Thakrit

IG phet_thakrit

Was born on April 10, Phet Thakrit is 32 years old now.

Ohm Kanin

IG kaninohm

“Sapai Jao Sua” star Ohm Kanin is also 32 years old.

Alek Teeradetch (32 years old)

IG lekteeradetch

Great Warintorn (36 years old)

IG great_rider10

Boy Pakorn (37 years old)

IG boy_pakorn

Louis Scott (39 years old)

IG louisscott

Pope Thanawat (39 years old)

IG popezaap

The top actor Pope Thanawat turns 39 years old this December 27.

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