4 New Amazing Drama Series Couples Who Captivated The Audience’s Attention

This year, many Thai drama series were released, and several new pairings truly captivated the audience.

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Let’s see the 4 incredible drama series couples from our list below:

Anda Anunta and Lookkaew Kamollak

“Love Senior: The Series” featuring Anda Anunta and Lookkaew Kamollak received immense praise from viewers, making it one of the best series of 2024.

Both young actresses are adored not only by fans in Thailand but also by fans from other countries.

Faye Peraya and Yoko Apasra

Faye Peraya and Yoko Apasra starred together in the new GL series “Blank” and stole the hearts of many.

Their undeniable chemistry has left fans eagerly anticipating their next project together.

Junior Kajbhunditt and Fluke Pongsapat

Junior Kajbhunditt and Fluke Pongsapat, 2 talented young actors from Thai Channel 3, took the leading roles in the latest BL series “To Be Continued”.

Their performances in this project have contributed to their growing popularity day by day.

Mike Panitan and Yada Narilya

Teaming up for the first time in “Khwanruethai”, Mike Panitan and Yada Narilya have shown their lovely chemistry on screen.

Both of them have received a lot of love from audiences for their outstanding performances and wonderful chemistry in this project.

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