4 Thai Actresses Say They Don’t Get Ready To Get Married

Lately, several Thai actresses get married to their boyfriends after dating for a long time. However, 4 beautiful actresses say that they don’t get ready to get married yet.

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1. Min Pechaya

The actress reveals that she doesn’t have a plan to get married because she thinks about her job only. Even she hasn’t got married to him, but her boyfriend looks after her so well.

2. Namtarn Pichukkana

Namtarn Pichukkana and Pai Partith have been in a relationship for 7 years. The actress says that she doesn’t get ready to get married yet.

3. Taew Natapohn

Taew Natapohn is dating Ton Arch for over 10 years but she admits that “It’s not yet. It’s too fast for me. If he proposes to me, I’ll be so surprised.”

4. Prang Kannuran

Prang Kannarun is in a relationship with Tong Twopee for many years but she doesn’t have a plan to get married yet.

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