5 Thai Star Best Friends

Thai celebrities have a good friendship with each other after working together and below are 5 Thai star best friends. Let check it out.

1. Kimmy Kimberley and YayaUrassaya

They’re best friends since they have worked together in TV SeriesĀ 4 HuajaiHaengKoonkao.

2. JanieThienphosuwan and NanaRybena

These two actresses have been friends for 10+ years and they always be together.

3. MintChalida and MargieRasri

MintChalida has been friends with MargieRasri since she started working in Thai entertainment industry.

4. Annethongprasom and NatMyria

They have been friends for 27 years since they started working in Thai entertainment industry.

5. ChompooAraya and Aimee

This two actresses have been best friends for many years.

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