6 Thai Actresses Succeed In Playing TV Drama and Movie

6 Thai actresses succeed in playing TV drama and movie including Mai Davika, Yaya Urassaya, Ice Preechaya, Mew Nittha, Cris Horwang, and Chompoo Araya.

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Yaya Urassaya makes her big-screen debut this year through ‘Nakee 2‘ and ‘Brother of The Year‘. Both movies earn over 100 Million Baht. This year, her TV drama ‘The Crown Princess’ featuring Nadech Kugimiya aired in Thailand and China.

Chompoo Araya’s popular movies were ‘Saranair Siblor’, ‘Crazy Crying Lady‘, and ‘I Love You Two’. She currently takes a break from playing TV drama after having twin babies.

Mai Davika plays a movie every year and most of them receive good feedback from viewers. There are ‘Pee Mak’, ‘Plae Kao’, ‘Heart Attack’, ‘Suddenly 20’. Her new TV drama ‘Jao Sao Mai Jum Kat Nam Sakun’ will broadcast on 11 December 2018.

Mew Nittha makes a big-screen debut in 2016 with ‘ONE DAY’ playing couple with Ter Chantavit. This movie was so famous and earned over 100 Million Baht.

For Cris Horwang and Ice Preechaya, they start their career with big hit movies ‘Bangkok Traffic Love Stories’ and ‘I Fine Thank You Love You’. Now they play TV dramas more often than movies.

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