7 Things You Need To Know About PunjanPrama

PunjanPrama’s popularity is growing rapidly after playing as MuenRueng in Buppesannivas. Below are 7 things you need to know about him.

Picture: Instagram

1. His name was KawinImanotai but he has changed to PramaImanotai.

2. He was born on 09 August 1986.

3. He started working in Thai entertainment industry when he was 20 years old as a member of boy group Nice 2 Meet U.

4. After that, he turns to be MC, model and singer.

5. He is well-known when he played TV drama KammathepOrkSek with CrisHorwang.

6. He is so famous after playing TV drama Buppesannivas.

7. His new TV drama NaksuTevada starring with Kannarun Wongkajonklai is waiting for airing on TV.

Picture: Instagram


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