8 Things About James Ma and James Jirayu

8 Things About James Jirayu and James Ma you have never known before.

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1. Both actors were born in 1993. James Ma was born on July 03, 1993. James Jirayu was born on 19 September 1993.

2. They started their acting career in 2013 by playing a TV series ‘Suparburoot Jutathep’.

3. James Jirayu has an older sister and James Ma has a younger sister.

4. James Ma entered the entertainment by A-Supachai. James Jirayu started working in the industry by P’ Peak.

5. Both actors are the top actors of Thai TV3 now.

6. James Ma likes playing golf but James Jirayu likes playing the guitar.

7. Both actors are paired in the TV drama with Kimmy Kimberley Anne Voltemas and Yaya Urassaya Sperbund.

8. James Jirayu is dating a non-celebrity girl named Nong Foam. James Ma is currently single without someone special.

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