8 Things About Yaya Urassaya and Kimmy Kimberley Anne Voltemas

Yaya Urassaya Sperbund and Kimmy Kimberley Anne Voltemas are the top actresses under Thai TV3 and best friends for many years.

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1. Both actresses are half Thai-European. Yaya Urassaya is half Thai-Norwegian and Kimmy Kimberley is half Thai-German.

2. Yaya Urassaya grew up in Thailand while Kimmy Kimberley lived in Germany when she was young before moving to Thailand.

3. Yaya Urassaya signed with Thai TV3 a year before Kimmy Kimberley.

4. They become best friends after playing a TV series ‘4 Huajai Haeng Khon Kao’ together.

5. Yaya Urassaya always supports Kimmy Kimberley when something comes up.

6. They both meet their real loves at the filming places. Kimmy Kimberley is currently dating Mark Prin while Yaya Urassaya is in a relationship with Nadech Kugimiya.

7. They’re best friends for almost 10 years.

8. This year, both Yaya Urassaya and Kimmy Kimberley play twins in the TV dramas ‘Klin Ka Salong’ and ‘Song Sanaeha’ with James Ma.

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