9 Things You Need To Know About Prang Kannarun

The following are 9 things you have never known about the talented actress Prang Kannarun.

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  1. Prang Kannarun was born on April 05, 1991.
  2. The actress has 3 sisters. She is the second daughter in her family.
  3. She has a skill in playing the violin and singing.
  4. Prang Kannarun started working in the Thai entertainment industry when she was 17 years old after she attended ‘Miss Teen Thailand 2007’.
  5. She debuted as the actress in the 2001 TV drama “Nong Mai Rai Borisut”.
  6. Prang Kannarun played the villain character in the 2013 TV drama “Pan Rai Phai Ruk”.
  7. She played the leading role for the first time in the TV drama “The Cupids Series: Kammathep Jum Laeng” with Alek Teeradetch in 2017.
  8. She is well-known after playing the massive hit TV drama “Buppesunnivas”.
  9. Prang Kannarun is in a relationship with Tong Pitawat.
Photo: IG ladiiprang

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