9 Things You Have Never Known About Kimmy Kimberley Anne Woltemas

Kimmy Kimberley is a top Thai actress who is working with Thai TV3. She has various popular TV dramas after working for 10 years.

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1. Kimmy Kimberley Anne Woltemas was born on 22 January 1992.

2. She is a half Thai – German actress.

3. Her father Hans Anne Woltemas is a half German and Spanish man. He was born in Germany but he studied a bachelor degree in America.

4. Her mother named Linda Anne Woltemas.

5. Her parents met and got married in America.

6. Kimmy Kimberley Anne Woltemas entered the entertainment industry in 2009 as a model and actress for a music video.

7. She was well-known in 2010 after playing a TV drama ‘4 Huajai Haeng Khon Kao: Thara Himalaya’ with Aum Atichart.

8. Anne Thongprasom is her role model.

9. She has been in a relationship with Mark Prin for 5 years.

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