The Most Popular Actors and Actresses on Thai Update For The Final Week of November 2023

Many Thai stars maintain their high popularity and some of them grow their fame after the drama series airing on television.

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The following are the most popular actors and actresses on Thai Update for the final week of November 2023.

1. Bright Vachirawit

A Thai heartthrob Bright Vachirawit is back to the top 1 again, lately taking home The Golden Cane Awards 2023.

At the event of Tatler Ball, Bright met his favorite former football player David Beckham.

2. Mark Prin

Mark Prin came in second place this week as various Thai Update readers are interested in his upcoming drama “Love at First Night”.

3. Bella Ranee and Yaya Urassaya

Both Bella Ranee and Yaya Urassaya are at #3 this week, following their highly successful in the Thai entertainment.

IG psperbu

4. Pope Thanavat and Pond Phuwin

IG kai_aukavut

“Prom Likit” leading actor Pope Thanavat is still on the list with 4th place alongside a series couple Pond Naravit and Phuwin Tangsakyuen.

5. Mario Maurer and Kao Supassara

The 5th place this week goes to Mario Maurer and “Faceless Love” leading actress Kao Supassara.

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