Thai Actresses Are Coming Back To Play TV Dramas

After taking a break for many years, these 3 Thai actresses are coming to play TV dramas with their new characters.

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1. Anne Thongprasom

A legend actress reveals with reporters that she will have a new TV drama in late 2019 but please wait for more information from Thai TV3.

2. Kik Suwatjanee

Interviewing with the reporters, a senior actress Kik Suwatjanee says that she will back playing a TV drama once again next year after taking a break for 13 years. The actress adds that the productions have contacted her to play the dramas and the scripts are very interesting.

3. Aff Taksaorn

This year, a beautiful actress will show her acting skill once again in a TV Series ‘Sri Ayodhaya Season 2’ with Pinky Savika, Tui Teerapat, and many others.

Photo: kiksuwatjanee | annethong | aff_taksaorn

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