Alek Teeradetch admits he is really talking with Bow Maylada

On November 18, Alek Teeradetch attended the event and gave an interview with reporters about the actress Bow Maylada.

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The actor said that he has actually started talking and flirting with Bow Maylada for 1-2 months.

The reporters asked if their relationship started when they filmed the show together.

Alek Teeradetch replied that he started talking with her before filming the show. But, during the filming of the music video “R U Ok?”, they didn’t start talking with each other yet.

The actor adds that he normally doesn’t dare to flirt with someone first. But, this time, he has worked with her before. Also, he feels that she is so lovely when filming the show together.

Alek Teeradetch also opens up that she is so lovely, funny, playful, straightforward, and manly.

He is happy when he is with her. He just starts talking with her. So, it needs time to learn about each other.

He is pleased and he doesn’t want to be single now.

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