Alek Teeradetch admits he wants to get married to his girlfriend Bow Maylada

A handsome Thai TV3 actor Alek Teeradetch has been in a relationship with a young actress Bow Maylada for a year.

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Also, they always have sweet moments together.

Attending the event on November 01, the actor-turned-YouTuber admitted that his girlfriend Bow Maylada tried on the wedding dress for her work.

After seeing the photo, many people say that it’s a good time for the actress to be a bride.

A lovely actor continues that it’s the right time to get married for his age but he is waiting for her and many other things.

Alek Teeradetch reveals that he has just been in a relationship with her for a year. Therefore, he and the actress need time to get to know each other more.

Anyway, he says thanks to people for giving a support to his couple.

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