Alek Teeradetch Does The Cute Thing For Toey Jarinporn

Alek Teeradetch does the cute thing for Toey Jarinporn by visiting her at the filming place when he has a free time. The actress is currently filming her new TV drama ‘Mee Piang Ruk’ alongside her senior actor Ken Theeradeth. This drama is being produced by Noi Bussakorn,  a wife of Ken Theeradeth and a producer of Citizenkane.

The producer always captures the sweet moment of Alek visiting his girlfriend at the filming place and posts the photos on Instagram. Even he doesn’t play in this drama, he comes to the filming place very often. He is such a cute boyfriend.

Alek Teeradetch and Toey Jarinporn is another lovely celebrity couple who start dating in late 2017 after working together in TV Series The Cupids.


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