Amanda Obdam Talks About Great Warintorn

Great Warintorn and Amanda Obdam have undeniable chemistry after collaborating in “To The Moon and Back”.

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They are both currently single. Amanda Obdam announced that she isn’t seeing anyone special right now. While, Great Warintorn hasn’t found the right person yet.

Lately, a photo of them having a meal with their boss was recently shared on social media.

When reporters met them at an event, they asked about the pictures.

Amanda explained that we attended gathering frequently, but only she and Great Warintorn were actors on that day.

Normally, other actors like Alek Teeradetch and James Jirayu also joined them for a meal as a group.

However, since it was just her and Great Warintorn that day, it appeared as if they were meeting with the boss.

Amanda clarified that Great Warintorn is simply her senior actor from the same channel. There is no flirting between them.

When asked if she would be open to Great Warintorn flirting with her, Amanda suggested that the reporters ask him directly.

She also confirmed that she is currently single.

Regarding her ideal type, Amanda emphasized that she values a person’s character over their looks now that she is more mature.

Asking about Great Warintorn, she says he is a good and lovely person.

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