Anne Thongprasom reportedly will produce 2 new dramas this year

According to the entertainment news of Thai TV3, the actress/producer Anne Thongprasom will make 2 new dramas this year.

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The first drama starring James Jirayu and Bow Maylada will be produced by A-Tinnabhan, Anne Thongprasom’s boyfriend, and the director Aew Ampaiporn.

Also, Anne Thongprasom will make another new drama titled “Kaen”.

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Surprisingly, Nine Naphat and Taew Natapohn are the leading stars and will have a costume fitting for their roles in late May.

Reportedly, the drama is going to start filming in June 2022.

Are you excited and waiting for these 2 new dramas by Anne Thongprasom?

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