Anne Thongprasom talked about the new drama “Sup Tar 2550” and “The World of The Married”

On August 02, Anne Thongprasom gives an interview with the entertainment news of Thai TV3.

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The actress/producer reveals that she is pleased to reunite with Ken Theeradeth in the new drama “Sup Tar 2550”.

Anne Thongprasom said that the last time she worked with him was about 10 years ago. Some fans miss their performances in the drama and they are glad to see this news.

This time, her character in the drama is different from before. Also, Ken Theeradeth is a producer of this upcoming drama.

The plot of this new drama is created by Ken Theeradeth. That’s why it will be different from other dramas, she adds.

Furthermore, Anne Thongprasom opened up about the new drama remake “The World of The Married”.

A popular star confirmed that she liked and wanted to play the leading role in this drama.

She would be so happy if she played the lead role in this new drama.

She continued that the producer, who would produce the Thai version of “The World of The Married”, contacted her to star in this drama remake.

However, the casts of “The World of The Married” haven’t been confirmed yet. So, please stay tuned for more updates about this.

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