Anne Thongprasom Reveals Her Favorite Actor

Anne Thongprasom is a legend Thai actress who is working in the Thai entertainment industry for over 20 years. On the TV talk show ‘3 Zaap’, her friends Ohn Sriphan and Dj Eaky reveals that the actress’s favorite actor is Sunny Suwanmethanont.

The actress admits that she likes his acting in the movie and he is a friendly man. Anne Thongprasom already met Sunny at the restaurant on Songkran Festival this year. Ohn and Eaky invited Sunny to have a meal together with Anne.

Anne also reveals that she used to ask him to play a male lead role for her TV drama but Sunny denied the request. He is good at acting in the movie but not the TV drama.

Photo: annethong | sunny_suwanmethanont

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