[Results] The Best Thai TV Dramas And Series of 2019

There are many great TV dramas and series this year. The following are the top 10 best TV dramas and series of 2019 voted by the audiences. SEE ALSO: Best Thai Actress In Leading Role of 2019 1. Suparburoot Jorm Jon: Maturot Loghan (CH7) 2. Bai Mai Tee Plid Plew (ONE 31) 3. Tharntype The […]

The Top 10 Most Tweeted Thai Celebrities of 2019 According To Twitter Thailand

Twitter Thailand has released the top 10 most tweeted Thai celebrities of 2019. SEE ALSO: Thai Drama Ratings On 06-08 December 2019 With his high popularity, Peck Palitchoke’s name in Thai language was tweeted the most on Twitter in Thailand. Following by GOT 7’s Bambam who got the second place. Peck Palitchoke’s name in Thai […]

Thai Drama Ratings: 06-08 December 2019

The following are the nationwide Thai TV drama viewership ratings measured by Nielsen Thailand on 06-08 December 2019. SEE ALSO: Thai TV3 Dramas You Shouldn’t Miss In 2020 1. Dtagrut Ton (CH7) Episode 15: 7.2% Episode 16 (Finale Episode): 8.0% 2. Sarawat Yai (CH7) Episode 1: 4.7% 3. Kao Waan Hai Noo Pen Sai Lub (Thai […]

9 Thai TV3 Dramas You Shouldn’t Miss In 2020

Thai TV3 is producing several new TV dramas for 2020. The following are 9 Thai TV3 drams you should’t miss next year. SEE ALSO: Kimmy Kimberley And More Are In The List ‘The 100 Most Beautiful Southeast Asia Women’ Roy Leh Marnya Pope Thanawat and Bella Ranee reunite in a new TV drama ‘Roy Leh […]

Which Thai Boys’ Love TV Series You Watch More Than 2 Times?

Thai boys’ love series is now so popular among the audiences in Thailand and other Asian countries. Which Thai boys’ love TV series you watch more than 2 times? SEE ALSO: Fans Wished To See Nychaa Nuttanicha Working With The Top Thai TV3 Actors In New TV Dramas There are several great boys’ love TV […]

10 Thai Actresses Who Are Ideal Types of Thai Guys

Thai actresses have beautiful noses, charming eyes, and perfect face shapes. The following are 10 Thai actresses who are ideal types of Thai guys according to the most recent research. SEE ALSO: Best Actress In The Leading Role of The Year 2019 Mew Nittha When you watch a popular ‘One Day’, you’ll see that Mew Nittha […]

Best Actress In Leading Role of The Year 2019

This year, Thai actresses have shown their great acting skills in TV dramas. Who is best actress in leading role of the year 2019? SEE ALSO: James Ma and Saint Suppapong To See Ghosts In Their New TV Drama Voting Mechanics You can choose one up to 5 Thai actresses for your vote. You can […]