Bella Ranee And Aum Patchrapa Have Many Followers From Fans In Thailand And Other Countries On Instagram

Bella Ranee and Aum Patchrapa have many followers from fans in Thailand and other countries on Instagram.

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Lately, the popularity of Bella Ranee grows up rapidly after playing a popular TV drama ‘Buppesunnivas’. The actress now has 6.4 million followers on Instagram.

Photo: IG@bellacampen
  • Thailand: 64% (4.1M)
  • Colombia: 4% (242.5K)
  • United States: 4% (234.5K)
  • China: 3% (178.9K)
  • Japan: 2% (119.2K)

Aum Patchrapa is a superstar in Thailand and has a high popularity. The actress now has 11.1 million followers on Instagram.

Photo: IG@aum_patchrapa
  • Thailand: 68%
  • United States: 4%
  • Japan: 3%
  • South Korea: 3%
  • Australia: 2%


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