Bella Ranee Says She Is Happy Due To Her New Drama ‘Krong Karm’ Gets Great Feedback

A new drama ‘Krong Karm’ is broadcasting on Thai TV3 every Monday and Tuesday at 8.20 PM and gets great feedback from the audiences.

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Interviewing with reporters, Bella Ranee says that many people call her Reynu or Sor when they meet her in person. The actress adds that she is happy due to the audiences like her character in the drama and she does the best for it.

Talking about Weir Sukollawat visits the filming place, Bella Ranee confirms that he comes to meet P’ Off Pongpat, not her. On that day, he does some errands near the filming location, that’s why he asks P’ Off to visit.

Weir Sukollawat and P’ Off discuss each other about a camera on that day, Bella Ranee adds.

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