Bella Ranee Talks About Weir Sukollawat On ‘3 Zaap’

On 07 April 2019, ‘3 Zaap’ is coming back with a new episode that is so fun because the guests are James Jirayu, Bella Ranee, Denkhun Ngamnet, and Mai Charoenpura from a hit TV drama ‘Krong Karm’.

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Chompoo Araya: Do you meet Weir Sukollawat often lately?

Bella Ranee: I don’t meet him often because we have many works to do. When he has free time, he will go on a trip. For my free time, I can’t know it in advance. When I’m free from filming a drama, I meet him.

Kalamere: When you meet each other, you’re always sweet.

Bella Ranee: It’s not that sweet.

Kalamere: Lately, he comments on your Instagram often.

Bella Ranee: He doesn’t play Instagram often before. When he plays if often, he sees the others comment like this and it’s fun. Without sending to a private message, he immediately comments on the photo.

Kalamere: What is his charming?

Bella Ranee: He is cute and good. He is a positive person. He thinks many things like me.

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