Bella Ranee and Weir Sukollawat Are Asked About Their Future Wedding

In recent days, Weir Sukollawat and Bella Ranee attend the event together and give an interview with reporters.

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Reporters: How about your couple? Have you talked about when will your wedding be held?

Weir: It’s probably not now.

Bella: Wait……but the result reveals that it doesn’t have any surprise. (Laugh)

Reporters: Usually, Bella Ranee likes getting surprised or discussing first before doing something?

Weir: Probably…

Bella: The reporters ask me. (Laugh)

Weir: I want to answer first. (Laugh) I think that everyone has discussed before a proposal. They have to know that’s it’s time because no one wants to get the answer ‘No’. When they propose their lovers, they sometimes get the answer ‘No’ but mostly they get the answer ‘Yes’. For me, I’ll prepare myself well before a proposal.

Bella: Try it? (Laugh)

Reporters: It looks like Bella Ranee gives a hint that she gets ready for it.

Bella: (Laugh) He probably gets the answer that is different from the others.

Weir: Shock (Laugh)

Photo: bellacampen (1) | weir19

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