Bella Ranee Is Asked About The Wedding After Weir Sukollawat Says That He Plans To Get Married In The Next 2 Years

Bella Ranee is asked about the wedding after Weir Sukollawat says that he plans to get married in the next 2 years.

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“That is his own goal planning to get married at this age or that age. He starts thinking about having a family,” Bella Ranee says.

The reporter continues asking. “People jokingly say that the bride will be Bella for sure?”

“It’s not that confirmation. At that time, I don’t know what will happen,” she adds.

“When I see it, I’m surprised and count his age. A goal for everyone isn’t the same. For me, I haven’t planned it. I feel that it’s not coming soon. I have a work to do. In the next 2 years, let talk about it” she continues.

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