Bella Ranee talks about a luxury bag she gets from her mother + says she is now single

Yesterday, August 30, Bella Ranee attended the event as a brand ambassador and gave an interview with reporters.

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The top actress said that she was totally surprised when she got a luxury bag Chanel as a gift from her mother on Mother’s Day.

Her mother gave this bag to her due to the “Love Destiny: The Movie” screening in the cinemas. On that day, she also had a bag for her mother.

Bella Ranee reveals that she doesn’t have someone special. Moreover, she doesn’t focus on love at all.

She is used to being single right now and is also happy. She can do whatever and sleep as much as she can.

A famous star opens up that her friend wants to introduce her to someone. However, she doesn’t even have time to meet her own friend.

Therefore, she won’t have time to meet that person for sure.

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